What Commercial Insurance Is and Is NOT

A lot of new entrepreneurs are surprised to learn the variety of insurances that are available, depending on the needs of the company. There are a lot of questions to be sure to understand when looking into obtaining insurance. The professionals of Monterey Insurance Group Inc., serving the Huntington, MD area, can answer these and more.

What is Commercial/Business Insurance?

Essentially, it is a broad range of policies that are available to protect your business from financial loss should unfortunate situations arise. 

What Does it Cover?

Being a range of policies, it consists of one, or more, of the following depending on the business needs. This is far from all of the policies available, but are among the most common.

  • General Liability. This covers damages to others caused by your company.
  • Professional Liability / Malpractice. This covers professionals from damages caused due to negligent or wrongful acts, advice, or other services that led to a loss.
  • Product Liability. This covers faulty products should any cause damage or death.
  • Workers Compensation. This covers employees should they become unable to work due to a condition caused by the workplace. 

What Commercial Insurance is Not

Essentially, this depends on the elective coverages you take. General liability usually does not cover damages caused by most natural events. Similarly, it may not cover the property of any customer that is on your premises. It also does not automatically protect any personal property of the business owner that may be otherwise uninsured.

Commercial insurance needs are very specific to your business. Certain coverages may be overkill for a small business that operates from the home. However, other policies may be good to protect that home. Contact the professionals of the Monterey Insurance Group Inc., serving the Huntington, MD area, to learn what your needs are, and what you may also want

Why Commercial Insurance Is A Good Investment

Here at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. in Huntington, MD, we have realized that there are still several businesses operating without commercial insurance because many business owners believe that the insurance is not worth it. Being an expert in insurance, we want you to know that running a business without commercial insurance is like sitting on a keg of gun powder. Only a single incident can turn your business to history.

Here is why commercial insurance is as important as other aspects of your business.

Commercial insurance is mandatory in Maryland

In Maryland, once you hire at least one person, you must purchase the workers’ compensation insurance. Operating without any commercial insurance is a crime. If you continue to operate secretly, one day a disgruntled employee may blow the whistle on you.

Do you know that workers’ compensation insurance prevents your employees from being able to file a lawsuit against you for work-related injuries? Without the insurance in place, they could sue you for millions of dollars.

It protects your equipment

When your equipment breaks down, this coverage will provide funds to repair it. As a small construction company, your excavator could break down at the middle of a project. Remember, every construction project comes with a deadline. Also, that could be your only excavator. It may take some time before you raise funds to fix the excavator. So, you may resort to renting one.

If your business is insured with us, we’ll generally provide funds to fix your excavator within 24 to 48 hours. We pay claims promptly.

Commercial insurance boosts credibility

In case you need more capital for expansion, you need commercial insurance to convince potential investors and creditors. In fact, some of them may even ask for proof of insurance. Clients also consider inured companies first.

As a service buyer, if an insured company gives you the same quote as an uninsured company, we bet you’ll hire the insured one without hesitation. If there are concerns holding you back from purchasing a commercial insurance policy, you can consult us at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. in Huntington, MD. We’ll offer the most suitable insurance solution. The success of your business is important to us.

What you need to know about commercial insurance in Maryland

Owning a business is a great professional option for anyone that wants to be their own boss, has a great idea and plenty of professional drive. The city of Huntington, MD is a great place for anyone to start a new business. While this city provides plenty of professional opportunities for business owners, it is still important that you make sure that your company is properly covered by insurance. There are several things that you need to know about commercial insurance in Maryland. 

Likely Required

One fact that you need to know about commercial insurance is that it is likely required for you to carry it. There are several reasons why you could end up being required to carry commercial insurance. First, depending on the number of employees you have, you may be required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. Additionally, if you have a business loan or if you lease your property, you will be required to carry commercial insurance to comply with your loan agreement or lease.

Protects Business

Most importantly, commercial insurance will work to protect your business from a variety of uncontrollable situations. When you have commercial insurance in place, you will receive liability insurance protection as well as protection for all of your business assets. This will help to ensure you were able to remain solvent during an unfortunate or unexpected situation that causes a loss.

Choosing the right commercial insurance policy for your Huntington, MD area business can seem complicated and confusing. However, when you call Monterey Insurance Group Inc. you will receive the guidance that you need. The team at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. is very experienced in helping business owners of all sizes choose policies that properly protect the company and owners. This is the first great step in getting into a policy that properly covers your organization.  

Tips for Switching Your Commercial Insurance Provider

Broadly, commercial insurance is any type of coverage that isn’t maintained by a government agency. If you have auto or health insurance and you have found you would like to switch companies, there are some good tips to keep in mind when it is time to switch. An agent at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. can walk you through particular details of getting coverage in your area to suit your insurance needs in the Huntington, MD area.

Planning the right time to switch

If it is possible, it can be beneficial to switch your current insurance plans when they are set to renew. You will usually know when your insurance is renewing by notices from your company. This can help avoid any cancelation fees and makes sure that you don’t have any gaps in coverage. This also helps to avoid prorated amounts if you were to switch in the middle of a policy period.

Compare different companies

It is important to compare different policies and what you will get from switching. Even if another policy may give you better rates, you may end up with less coverage if you are not aware. It is small things like this that are important to look out for. Saving a little in premiums will not matter if you wind up paying more later on. Many companies will claim to get you a cheaper rate, but with less coverage.

If you follow some simple tips like the timing of when you switch your insurance provider, you can make the transition smooth. Monterey Insurance Group Inc. serving Huntington, MD can help you with all of your insurance needs. Speak to an agent to find out the pros and cons of switching to a different company.

What is the best kind of life insurance for me

No one is required to have life insurance but almost everyone should have it. Residents of Huntington, MD can turn to the staff at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. to help them to know if they need to have life insurance, how much to buy and what type will fit their needs best. Basically, there are two types of life insurance term and permanent life. Both of them provide important protection.

Term Insurance

Term life insurance is insurance that is purchased to provide coverage for a specific number of years. This can be anywhere from 10 years up to about 30 years. Most plans can be renewed for more than one term. Term life is supposed to be temporary to cover you through the most vulnerable years when you have a family and want to protect them. The rates are lower because the insurance company is betting that you are going to outlive the term of your policy. It is the sort of bet you are hoping that they win.

Permanent Insurance

Permanent Insurance may be universal life or whole life It provides coverage if you die but the amount of the premium will be much higher than a term policy. Whole life policies accrue cash value and earn interest. Universal Life plans may also earn interest but it is not a guarantee. With whole life, you buy the policy when you are younger and guarantee the rate premium you will pay. It will stay the same throughout the entire life of the policy. If you have trouble saving, this is a good way to have protection while putting aside the money for your funeral expenses.

If you have been telling yourself you need to look into life insurance and you live in the Huntington, MD area why not give Monterey Insurance Group Inc. a call or stop by their office to take advantage of their expertise in the life insurance market.

Should I Get Commercial Insurance?

If you own or manage a business, you will know very well that many different vital decisions need to be made. One choice you will need to make is whether or not you should get commercial insurance, and there are a variety of key reasons why you should get commercial insurance in place for your business.

Provides Necessary Liability Protection

When you produce and sell any product or service, you are naturally taking on a lot of liability. In these situations, one of the best things that you could do would be to invest in a liability insurance policy. This type of policy will provide you and your business with protection in the event that you are sued for negligence or another type of liability.

Covers Employees

For those that have employees in the Huntington, MD area, having workers compensation insurance in place is almost always a requirement. This type of coverage will provide coverage to you and your employees if someone is injured while working on the job.

Property Protection

Many commercial insurance policies will also include a property insurance policy. This type of insurance will provide protection to your physical place of business. This will normally be required if you are the owner of the building under your mortgage document. If you are a tenant, the landlord will likely require that you carry it at all times during the length of your lease. 

If you have a business in the Huntington, MD area and have decided that commercial insurance is a good idea and investment, you should reach out to the team at Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. When you work with our company, you will receive the consultation that you need to pick the right commercial insurance policy to meet your needs. 

The Benefits of a Business Interruption Add-On for Your Commercial Insurance Policy

When you are purchasing a commercial insurance policy, there are many add-on, or supplemental coverages, that you can decide to buy. Each add-on clause helps to cover a portion of your business that is otherwise not covered by a traditional commercial insurance policy. At Monterey Insurance Group, Inc., serving the greater Huntingtown, MD area, we recommend that our customers buy a business interruption add-on. Here are a few of the reasons why:

Pays Your Rent or Mortgage

If your business is unable to open and operate, you may not have the income you need to pay rent on the building or your mortgage. You may be unable to open due to fire, flooding in the area, or a hurricane that hit town. Business interruption insurance helps to pay your rent or mortgage when you are unable to open your business due to events covered under your commercial insurance policy. 

Supplements Your Income

When you are unable to open your doors, you may also be losing out on your income. If your business cannot open, you are not making money. Business interruption policies help to supplement your income during the time that you are unable to open. 

Covers Spoiled Goods

Lastly, business interruption policies help to pay for and cover goods that may have spoiled or gone bad because you could not sell them quickly because you couldn’t open your business. 

The right commercial insurance policy can help to protect your business against unforeseen circumstances. If you are looking to purchase a new commercial insurance policy, or make changes to an existing one in the greater Huntingtown, MD area, Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. would love to help you. Contact us now to get started. 

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Heavy Equipment?

Business owners know that there are key elements that are required to run and protect their company. One of the most critical elements is commercial insurance. Businesses that own and operate heavy equipment need complete coverage to protect their valuable belongings and prevent serious financial losses that could impact the well-being of the operation. 

Covering Heavy Equipment

Standard commercial insurance doesn’t generally provide coverage for heavy equipment and is designed to protect the structure and its contents rather than vehicles and heavy equipment. There is specialized insurance available that is designed to cover the equipment and provide the blanket of protection necessary to repair or replace expensive machinery critical to the welfare of the company. Before selecting your insurance policy, it is important to research the limits and exclusions for coverage. It is best to ask a professional insurance agent about the details so you can be informed.

Getting Complete Coverage

If you own a business and have heavy equipment, make sure you know what your commercial insurance covers and make any additional insurance purchases that cover gaps in the policy. Business owners in and around Huntington, MD can rely on the expertise of Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. to provide the guidance necessary to provide complete insurance protection. 

Don’t leave your valuable assets unprotected. Contact the offices of Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. serving businesses in and around Huntington, MD with quality commercial insurance products. Call or stop by to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable insurance agent and ask the questions that help you make the best decision for your company. Get the peace of mind you need today without wondering if you are fully protected.

Starting Your Company From Home? You Need Small Business Insurance

You are showing a potential customer your collection of goods when they slip on a water puddle in your garage and take a hard fall. They swear that they are okay, but you call for emergency services just to be on the safe side. Weeks later, your potential client sends you their medical bills along with a tab for wages lost as a result of their fall. It appears that the injury was worse than they imagined. “No worries,” you figure. “Homeowners’ insurance will pay for it.” No so fast! Your homeowners’ indemnity policy does not pay for incidents related to your small business in Huntington, MD. This is why you need the agents at Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. to help you choose a small business insurance plan. 

Maryland is the ideal place for a startup

The residents of Calvert County understand the importance of small businesses, which is why they strive to support entrepreneurs. Maryland is the perfect spot to start a company, which is why many ambitious business owners launch their visions for a company out of their homes instead of trying to find retail space. The problem with such a leap is that many entrepreneurs enter into the sector as company owners without realizing how much their homeowners’ insurance policy does not cover. 

Homeowners’ insurance is not suitable for your business

Too many homeowners and new entrepreneurs assume that the indemnity policy used for their residential property is also valid for their small business. It is not until a company-related incident occurs on the premises that they realize how much assurance they lack. Unfortunately, finding out that you are underinsured while staring at a bill that the indemnity company will not pay for is not the best option. 

It is crucial, then, for small business owners working from home to understand that their homeowners’ insurance was not designed to pay for damages related to their company. You need a different policy to pay for costs if a client is injured during a consultation.

Small business insurance is necessary 

The best home-based insurance options include general liability insurance that pays for personal injury suits as well as medical bills related to incidents. You may also obtain a policy in Calvert County that covers defective products and faulty services.

The central purpose of starting your small business from home is to cut costs. You do not want to end up paying more than you bargained for because you failed to obtain proper insurance to cover your startup. Let the agents at Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. help you find the small business indemnity policy that is right for your situation in Calvert County. 

Commercial Insurance You Should Consider

Every business is a little bit different from the next. Due to this, you should never just accept a cookie-cutter form of commercial insurance. With the help of the professionals at Monterey Insurance Group, Inc., it is possible to receive help uncovering the different insurance options and how each can help you with your business in and around Huntington, MD.

Professional Liability Insurance

This policy is one you need to consider, regardless of the kind of industry you’re in. There are times where your products and services may not deliver entirely as promised. When this happens, a customer may attempt to sue you for negligence. Professional liability insurance helps protect you in this case. 

Worker’s Compensation

If an employee is hurt on the job, it can become expensive taking care of not only their salary but the cost of the injuries and other medical bills. With the right insurance coverage, your employees (and your business) will be protected.

Property Insurance

You don’t need to own the property to need this insurance. Property insurance also covers the items inside of the building. So, if you have stock or machinery you’ve invested in, it’s a good idea to consider a property insurance add-on. 

Vehicle Insurance

If you drive a vehicle for work or have a job specific vehicle, you need vehicle insurance. This helps protect you in the event of an accident, and if the company is sued because of it. 

There are many different forms of insurance, which is exactly why you need the help of the professionals at Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. to find out which kind of coverage may work better for your business, regardless of if it is located in Huntington, MD or somewhere else in the neighboring communities. Reach out to our agents in Calvert County for more information.