5 Things to Do When You’re In a Fender Bender

Your friendly agent at Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. is here to help you through all the problems in life, including those minor fender benders you might encounter in the Huntingtown, MD area. In order to protect yourself and your savings account, here are 5 things to do when your day isn’t quite going right:

  1. Call the Police: No matter if it’s just a ding and scraped fender, if you are involved in a traffic accident with another vehicle, report it to the police department immediately. That police report can prevent a scammer from providing false information to their and your insurance company.
  2. Take Pictures or Notes: Your smartphone is a great tool! Use the camera to record images of driver’s licenses, license plates, the intersection, and the damage to all the vehicles. You may want to snap a pic of the other driver. If you don’t have a camera, write down everything that you see.
  3. See Your Doctor: If you feel like you have a bruised knee, it’s a good idea to have your doctor check it out. Many injuries don’t surface until after that adrenaline rush comes down. Don’t tell the police or the other people, "I’m fine," until an expert agrees with that assessment.
  4. Call Your Insurance Company: It’s just a quick call to the folks at the Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. to report the incident, and if the other person comes after you, your insurance agent will have the right information to defend you.
  5. Notify Your Employer: Even if you don’t skip a day immediately, should that head injury become more severe, it will help both your Huntingtown, MD area insurance agent and your employer to process any claims when they have accurate dates of the accident that caused you to lose days of work.

The agents at Monterey Insurance Group, Inc. can help you find an auto insurance policy to deal with those repairs on your car as well. Reach out to us by phone or visit our office to learn how to start an auto policy today.