Lifestyle Changes that Affect Your Home Insurance

Lifestyle changes such as marriage, divorce, retirement, etc., could affect your home insurance.  Some changes could affect the cost of your premium; others could alter your coverage. By discussing lifestyle changes with your Monterey Insurance Group Inc. agent in Huntington, MD, we can let you know if you need to update your insurance to maintain the coverage you need. Here are a few ways that lifestyle changes can alter your coverage.


Marriage often results in a combination of two households. As a result, you’ll have more belongings to protect with property insurance coverage. Depending on the value of your combined personal goods, you may need to raise the limits of your property coverage or obtain an insurance rider to obtain the protection you need.


Divorce involves the separation of households, which may result in fewer personal goods to insure. We can help you adjust your policy to reflect the changes you need.  


Retirement gives you more time to pursue personal hobbies or enjoy more of life’s pleasures to the full. If you decide to add a pool, spa or patio to your home after retirement, you’ll need to update your home insurance to protect these valuable renovations. These costly renovations could also increase your premium. If you plan to share these perks with friends, you may want to increase your liability coverage to protect you against the risk of accidents on your property.

New Pet

You may decide to add a dog to your household. As dogs present a risk of hurting family or friends, you’ll need to inform your insurer, so he can add your pup to your coverage to protect you against dog bites or other pet-related incidents.   

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Auto insurance: What coverage do I need?

When it comes to the question of what coverage do you need, it is important to distinguish between what is required by the law in Huntington, MD and what you decide that you need to have covered. Monterey Insurance Group Inc. knows that you have choices when it comes to where you get your insurance coverage and they hope that you will choose them for your needs. 

In the state of Maryland, the required insurance is bodily injury coverage $30,000, with 2 or more people are involved it rises to $60,000 and property damage coverage of $15,000. This offers protection to other people who you may have injured and their property but what about you? The state also requires that Maryland drivers carry uninsured motorist coverage in the same amount as the basic liability insurance. This protects you in the event of a hit and run and also from residents who are non-compliant with the state requirements. 

For many people, this is not adequate coverage. Purchasing additional liability insurance is something that anyone with assets may want to consider. Beyond that, there are several options that can help to protect your vehicle from the many hazards that are out there. 

Collision coverage pays to have your vehicle repaired or replaced when you are involved in an accident where you are the responsible party. It usually has a deductible that must be met and then your vehicle will be repaired or replaced up to the value on your policy. 

Comprehensive coverage includes hazards that damage or destroy your vehicle but don’t involve another vehicle. These include weather events, vandalism, deer and other large animals and also theft. Glass coverage is usually included as well. 

When it comes to what coverage you need, the knowledgeable staff at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. in Huntington, MD can make sure that you get exactly the right coverage and the right insurer. Stop by the office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote. 



Three Important Factors when selecting home insurance

You invest a lot of effort and money into your home. As such, it’s important to protect your home’s value. At Monterey Insurance Group Inc., we offer numerous options in our Huntington, MD home insurance policies for you to consider. 

There are many types of damage that your home can experience. You need to regard home insurance as an investment and make sure that the insurance policy you choose will affordably protect you against all the damages that your home is most likely to experience.

The following are three important factors to consider when selecting home insurance: 

Limits and deductibles

Just about any home insurance policy is going to be subject to limits. This is the maximum amount of coverage it will provide. You should have limits that are not too far under the value of your home and your possessions within your home if you do not want to be left susceptible to severe financial losses.

Your deductible is an amount you will pay out-of-pocket before your insurance will start covering you. Lower deductibles mean more coverage and fewer costs for you when you have to file a claim. 

Budget and costs

The monthly premium you have to pay is probably the most important consideration to take into account in considering the affordability of your home insurance. You want to enjoy a premium that’s as low as possible while still offering quality coverage. 

You also need to consider your budget in determining an acceptable monthly premium. Find out how much you can afford to pay each month without any financial strains. 

Availability of discounts

There are a lot of different types of discounts out there for home insurance coverage. One commonly available discount from insurance providers is a bundling discount if you purchase multiple policies from the same provider. See if you can enjoy a discount by purchasing home insurance from the same provider you get auto insurance from, for example. 

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What you need to know about commercial insurance in Maryland

Owning a business is a great professional option for anyone that wants to be their own boss, has a great idea and plenty of professional drive. The city of Huntington, MD is a great place for anyone to start a new business. While this city provides plenty of professional opportunities for business owners, it is still important that you make sure that your company is properly covered by insurance. There are several things that you need to know about commercial insurance in Maryland. 

Likely Required

One fact that you need to know about commercial insurance is that it is likely required for you to carry it. There are several reasons why you could end up being required to carry commercial insurance. First, depending on the number of employees you have, you may be required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. Additionally, if you have a business loan or if you lease your property, you will be required to carry commercial insurance to comply with your loan agreement or lease.

Protects Business

Most importantly, commercial insurance will work to protect your business from a variety of uncontrollable situations. When you have commercial insurance in place, you will receive liability insurance protection as well as protection for all of your business assets. This will help to ensure you were able to remain solvent during an unfortunate or unexpected situation that causes a loss.

Choosing the right commercial insurance policy for your Huntington, MD area business can seem complicated and confusing. However, when you call Monterey Insurance Group Inc. you will receive the guidance that you need. The team at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. is very experienced in helping business owners of all sizes choose policies that properly protect the company and owners. This is the first great step in getting into a policy that properly covers your organization.  

Benefits of getting home insurance in Maryland

Buying a home is one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. While there is a lot of fun and excitement that comes with home ownership, there are also many important responsibilities. Since your home is such an important asset, you will want to make sure that it is properly covered by insurance. There are several benefits that come when you get a full home insurance policy on your Huntingtown, MD property.

Will Cover Your Asset

The main reason why most people choose to get a home insurance policy is that it will properly cover their valuable asset. When you buy a home, you will be using it as a tool to build long-term equity. To ensure that your home is protected from fire, bad weather, or other types of losses, you will need to have home insurance at all times. This policy will provide you with coverage for both the property and some of your personal assets.

Liability Coverage

Homeowners should never take their liability risk for granted. If you have someone over and they are hurt, you could be found to be at fault. The liability coverage that you receive from your home insurance policy will give you very valuable protection against this risk and could prove to be extremely helpful in some challenging situations. 

As you are shopping for home insurance for your property in the Huntingtown, MD area, you should speak with the team at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. The insurance professionals at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. know very well how important it is to have proper home insurance coverage at all times. They will also be able to review your individual situation to make sure that you have the right coverage for both your assets and personal liability. 

Is Auto Insurance Required in Maryland?

For thousands of residents living in Huntington, MD, operating a vehicle is one of the most important elements of completing a day-to-day routine. From work to school to grocery store errands, it’s no wonder that our safe transportation from one place to the next is vital to our physical and monetary success. Being unprepared in the event of an accident can leave you vulnerable to steep medical bills and a lowered quality of life. This is why reliable auto insurance policies are fundamental aspects of an insurance portfolio and legally required by the State Government of Maryland.

In order to legally register and drive a vehicle in Maryland, all motorists are required to have a form of auto insurance that can cover them in the event of an accident. The insurance provider must be licensed to operate within state boundaries and offer Maryland mandated minimum requirements. These requirements include:

  • $30,000 in the event of a bodily injury to one person.
  • $60,000 in the event of a bodily injury to two or more persons.
  • $15,000 in the event of property damage the insurance holder is liable for.

Transportation Network Companies such as taxi services employing between twenty-six and three hundred network operators must cover a different set of minimums, including:

  • $50,000 for bodily injury to a single person.
  • $100,000 for bodily injuries to two or more individuals.
  • $25,000 for property damage caused by the driver at fault.

For more information about the auto insurance requirements in Maryland State, reach out to the Monterey Insurance Group Inc. Located in Huntington, MD, the Monterey Insurance Group Inc. is proud to offer insurance coverage for customers across the state with the passion and experience you need to get back on the road. Call or visit with us today.

3 Questions to Help You Determine Your Homeowner’s Insurance Limits

Your Huntington, MD home needs homeowners insurance yo ensure you can rebuild, replace, or repair any damage caused by a covered event. But how much coverage do you really need? Use these guidelines from the experts at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. to ensure you have plenty to of insurance coverage for your home.

Do You Own Any High-Valuable Items?

Your policy payout limit includes everything in your claim. That means if your total loss goes over the amount of your coverage, you could be left paying out-of-pocket for some of your stuff. This is especially important for those who keep a lot of high-value items on their property. Consider increasing your limits for your vintage guitars, expensive equipment, and other high-priced valuables.

Does Anyone Share Your Financial Responsibilities?

Is your home situated on a shared lot or part of a larger complex? Parts of your property might be covered by other policies if you’re part of an HOA or another cooperative. Talk to your property manager to find out what you might need special coverage for.

Do You Participate in High-Risk Activities?

From parkour practice to homemade race cars, there are an endless variety of activities you can enjoy on your property. However, some of them present more risk than others. If your property is used in any commercial activities, for team sport practice, or other events that might result in injury or accident to you or your visitors, it’s best to revisit your policy limits before a catastrophe occurs.

Monterey Insurance Group Inc. carries homeowners insurance for residents in the Huntington, MD area. Contact us for more information on protecting your property with the right insurance coverage.

Tips for Switching Your Commercial Insurance Provider

Broadly, commercial insurance is any type of coverage that isn’t maintained by a government agency. If you have auto or health insurance and you have found you would like to switch companies, there are some good tips to keep in mind when it is time to switch. An agent at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. can walk you through particular details of getting coverage in your area to suit your insurance needs in the Huntington, MD area.

Planning the right time to switch

If it is possible, it can be beneficial to switch your current insurance plans when they are set to renew. You will usually know when your insurance is renewing by notices from your company. This can help avoid any cancelation fees and makes sure that you don’t have any gaps in coverage. This also helps to avoid prorated amounts if you were to switch in the middle of a policy period.

Compare different companies

It is important to compare different policies and what you will get from switching. Even if another policy may give you better rates, you may end up with less coverage if you are not aware. It is small things like this that are important to look out for. Saving a little in premiums will not matter if you wind up paying more later on. Many companies will claim to get you a cheaper rate, but with less coverage.

If you follow some simple tips like the timing of when you switch your insurance provider, you can make the transition smooth. Monterey Insurance Group Inc. serving Huntington, MD can help you with all of your insurance needs. Speak to an agent to find out the pros and cons of switching to a different company.

How Home Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

One of the biggest milestones that you’ll ever achieve is owning a home. It’s a great accomplishment and one that is definitely worth celebrating. To ensure you take care of your home, it’s pertinent to invest in home insurance. In fact, this type of insurance will provide peace of mind in several ways. Here at the Monterey Insurance Group Inc. serving the Huntington, MD area, we’d like to share two ways home insurance provides peace of mind.

Protection During Bad Weather

As a resident of Huntington, you undoubtedly know how severe the weather can get, especially during the winter time. What if an ice storm comes through and causes a branch from a nearby tree to fall on your new house? Do you have the funds stashed away to pay for the damage? With the right homeowner’s insurance policy, you can rest easy knowing your insurance will take care of the damage for you.

It Might Be Required

Depending on how you went about becoming a homeowner, it may be required to have insurance. Most lenders will mandate a person to have home insurance when they borrow funds to purchase the home. If you don’t maintain insurance, you run the risk of losing your mortgage loan, which means you ultimately run the risk of losing your home. With insurance, though, you have great peace of mind in knowing you are meeting your lender’s requirements.

If you would like to learn more about the many ways in which homeowner’s insurance provides peace of mind, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Monterey Insurance Group Inc. today serving the Huntington, MD area.

What is the best kind of life insurance for me

No one is required to have life insurance but almost everyone should have it. Residents of Huntington, MD can turn to the staff at Monterey Insurance Group Inc. to help them to know if they need to have life insurance, how much to buy and what type will fit their needs best. Basically, there are two types of life insurance term and permanent life. Both of them provide important protection.

Term Insurance

Term life insurance is insurance that is purchased to provide coverage for a specific number of years. This can be anywhere from 10 years up to about 30 years. Most plans can be renewed for more than one term. Term life is supposed to be temporary to cover you through the most vulnerable years when you have a family and want to protect them. The rates are lower because the insurance company is betting that you are going to outlive the term of your policy. It is the sort of bet you are hoping that they win.

Permanent Insurance

Permanent Insurance may be universal life or whole life It provides coverage if you die but the amount of the premium will be much higher than a term policy. Whole life policies accrue cash value and earn interest. Universal Life plans may also earn interest but it is not a guarantee. With whole life, you buy the policy when you are younger and guarantee the rate premium you will pay. It will stay the same throughout the entire life of the policy. If you have trouble saving, this is a good way to have protection while putting aside the money for your funeral expenses.

If you have been telling yourself you need to look into life insurance and you live in the Huntington, MD area why not give Monterey Insurance Group Inc. a call or stop by their office to take advantage of their expertise in the life insurance market.